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Hair & Body Oil - Homme Femme Musk - Tropical Elixir 1oz by Bootzie

$ 79.00

1oz Bootzie Tropical Elixir for Hair and Body. Made with organic fair trade, cold pressed Moroccan argon oil, organic macadamia nut oil and Bootzie Tropique oil. Just a few drops on your beautiful body or in the tips of your hair and you’ll look and feel sumptuously radiant! 🌸💕🔥 this product was inspired by my friend @melissamade 💋😍 available on Bootzie.com and at some of my exclusive retailers soon! Perfume Oil Musk- "Shared Scent" Homme /Femme ( French for Man/Woman. Because the masculine/feminine or yin/yang balance is extremely important in all of us ) Blended with Vetiver, sweet tobacco, sandalwood, amber, musk, citrus, and vanilla. Homme /Femme is the perfect balance between strength and elegance, intensity and subtlety.”

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