Perfume oils

Olinda Perfume Oil - Made on Maui
All things hawaii... french perfume oil and hawaiian floral essential oils.
$ 34.00
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Island Girl Perfume Oil

10 ml roller bottle , travel size! 

A sensual blend of the highest quality oils.

Top notes: cinnamon bark and bitter orange

Middle notes: Elami and amber 

Base notes: musk, vanilla, sandalwood and tobacco. 

$ 39.00
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Bootzie Luxury Gift Set

The ultimate bootzie gift box! $358 retail value 

includes a 2 ounce perfume spray, 2 ounce travel size body lotion, 1 ounce original Bootz Oil refill bottle, one original 10 mil. roller bottle, one love oil lip glow, one love oil tinted lip blush, one pink Himalayan bath crystals infused with Bootzie Oil. 

$ 299.00
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